Second joint, so it's time to write a poem. I have some routines, if you'll keep quiet, I'll show them. See, the first joint is to clear my mind. It's for me to stop searching for all the things I can't find. It's the moment where my body and my mind divide, And the moment … Continue reading ROUTINES



I wake up every day, hungry for success. I strongly dislike, not being the best. Let me rephrase that, I hate, not being the best.   No matter what I do, No matter the situation, No matter the occupation, No matter the duration. I do my education, so I can win in conversations, so I … Continue reading AMBITION


Time goes by so fast, We can't even adjust to anything. Nothing seems to last, Not even the songs we sing. It's dangerous to attach these days, While all we seek is attachment. Everybody seems to be stuck in their ways, Love is only real to an extent, Because who really shows their real face? … Continue reading TIME


Lately, I've been making complaints of luxury, Not being able to write because I'm too happy, Too much fun, my mind was too free, No frustration inside of me, And today out of the blue, the inspiration came to me. Every morning I wake up to a hundred messages on my phone, Wishing all these … Continue reading SPACE