Sigh. I don’t know where to start with this. I honestly don’t know. I’m sitting in my room, scrolling through Facebook. People are sharing pictures of their food, wishing relatives a happy birthday and shit. Just normal shit.As if dozens of people weren’t just violently killed in Las Vegas. I can’t blame them. Some people simply don’t care. We see so much shit on the news, we become unfazed by tragedy. On top of that, it’s so far away, right? I live in Amsterdam. Lightyears away from Las Vegas.

But what if it wasn’t? What if it was your mother? Your younger brother? It could have been anyone of us. It wouldn’t be so far away then. This is what people are going through. Traumatizing experiences. I can’t even imagine going to a concert and having to fear for my life. That’s crazy. We’re going to see Future next week. Imagine that someone would just randomly start shooting there. Unimaginable. Yet it happens. Not here, not in my little town, but it happens. Remember the Ariana Grande concert? It’s the same shit.

I’m participating in a writing contest and I’m supposed to be writing a column on happiness. How can I write about happiness in times like these? People are losing their lives in natural disasters, having to deal with a president that doesn’t care about them. People are dying at concerts, because every idiot in the United States can purchase a gun. Where is the happiness in that? The Empire State Building and the Eiffeltower remained dark in memory of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. They’re keeping these buildings dark because there is no light in times like these. No happiness to be found.

Now every time something like this happens, I think about what the government is trying to distract us from. I understand that some men jut want to watch the world burn, but I don’t believe that these things just randomly happen. Out of respect for the tragedy, I will not get to deep into this (for now), but it sure gets me thinking.

The worst of all is that during all these horrible experiences, we have to question our government. We have to consider the news is lying to us about what really happened. Whenever there is a hurricane or a tsunami, we have to consider the charity companies stealing the money that we’re donating to help these people. We have to consider the fact that every time a white person does something like this, he is labeled as mentally unstable instead of being labeled a terrorist. Not only is this disrespectful to every dark or Arabic person that’s being labeled a terrorist, it is also disrespectful to the families of the victims. They are victim to a terrorist attack, not simply a deranged or confused person.

These times awaken us to the reality of the world we live in. In a world where Donald Trump is president, throwing out supplies to people who’s lives have been affected by a hurricane, we cannot expect anything from our government. In a world where ayone can just buy a gun and shoot whoever they want, we cannot expect anything of our government.mIn a world where the system is designed to create racism, we cannot expect anything from our government. In times like these, it is most important how we as humans react to this. I don’t consider our government human, because it’s the most inhumane thing to let people suffer to gain money or power. That’s what our government is based on, so I don’t see them as humans. Fuck that, I don’t even want to call it my government anymore. We are all we have. We need to start realizing how the system is diving us. We need to stop looking for someone to blame and realise that we can only blame ourselves. For if we blame ourselves, that means we have the power to change things.

My heart goes out to the families of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. My heart also goes out to all the families of the victims of the hurricanes, everyone that lost their home and lost their belongings. My heart goes out to everyone that survived these disasters, but is now traumatized.

These things get to me. Let’s try to keep love in our hearts.





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