The Police station

I had been in a fight with my bladder for hours. So the first thing I asked when we arrived at the police station, was if I could go to the bathroom. I couldn’t. I had to wait for thirty minutes, in a small, disgusting office, which was filled with spiders and mosquitoes. The irony. There were about five officers, of which one could speak English decently. In the hall, I could hear drunk people screaming like their lives depended on it. I couldn’t see what was happening, but I was imagining the most horrible things.  There was not one computer at the station, so the officer was rewriting what happened time and time again on paper. The same officer that pulled us over and got me into all this trouble over a piece of weed, grinned at me. He had a big, bald head and eyes like a frog. I wanted to kick him in the jaw, but I contained myself.

”Do you have Facebook?” he asked. I looked at him in disgust, but didn’t react at all.
”Add me on Facebook.” At this point, I couldn’t stop shaking my leg because of all my built up anger. My patience has been tested many times in my life, but this was almost unbearable.

After all of this, the same female that searched me picked me up to take me to the bathroom. I was so happy to be in the presence of a female, until she started searching me again. She stripped me completely naked and stared at my nipple for some time.

‘’It’s a piercing.’’ She nodded and escorted me to the bathroom. It was pure horror. Not even a toilet, but a hole in the ground, surrounded by spiders and other creatures. The smell was unbearable and I can’t even begin to tell you about the filth.  There was no way I was going in there. Absolutely not. As soon as I came in, I walked out, back to the office. There were two male officers and one female. They made me take off all my jewellery and I also had to take the laces out of my shoes. Out of my Puma Fenty Creepers. The disrespect. I had to give them my phone and my bag. This is when I knew I had to stay here. I couldn’t stop crying. The officers laughed about it. ‘’It’s just one night! You go to sleep and tomorrow, you’re free.’’ They were making it seem as if it wasn’t a big deal because it was just one night. One minute of being here was too much for me, let alone an entire night. The officers said something in Bulgarian, then laughed again as they were looking at me.

’What?’’ I asked.
‘’Take out your nipple piercing’’, one guy said. The officers burst out laughing again. I looked at the woman sitting in front of me with disgust. I am a female, I thought. We are on the same team. How could you play me like that? She could’ve taken me to the side and told me to take my piercing out. She didn’t have to tell them about it. She avoided my eyes, knowing she was very wrong. Now, I was terrified of arguing with the officers, because I had no idea what they might do to me. But, when I feel offended as a female, my anger rises above everything else I feel. It was a sexist remark to make and very inappropriate. I wasn’t having it.

‘’I’m not taking my piercing out.’’
‘’Why not?’’
“Because it’s too much trouble. Why do I need to take it out?’’
‘’You might swallow it.’’

I rolled my eyes. What was swallowing my piercing going to do? It wasn’t going to kill me. It was just going to hurt a little. Besides, why would I do that to myself if I’m only staying here for one night?

‘’I’m not taking it out.’’
’Fine!’’ He yelled. ‘’But don’t do anything stupid.’’

That was the last thing he said before he took me to my cell.





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