I wake up every day, img_0042.jpg
hungry for success.
I strongly dislike,
not being the best.
Let me rephrase that,
I hate,
not being the best.


No matter what I do,
No matter the situation,
No matter the occupation,
No matter the duration.
I do my education,
so I can win in conversations,
so I can keep on blazing,
without a mental degradation.

Frustrated thoughts of,
not getting my recognition.
The recognition I deserve,
for the message in my words,
for the challenge in my words.

For my lack of error.
Sometimes when mama reads my shit,
her eyes fill up with terror.

Didn’t know I had thoughts so dark,
Didn’t know I had the ability to change them into art.
She always knew,
her daughter is smart,
but she didn’t know about the pain in this heart.

I tell her time and time again,
I’m destined to be great.
I’m gonna be,
I gotta be,
can’t stay stuck in this place.
Can’t keep holding back much longer,
Fuck, my Pokerface.

Too many  people out there,
not taking me seriously.
The nerve and the disrespect,
Don’t you know I’m a queen?
Don’t you know my art is like,
nothing you’ve ever seen?
A young girl from a small town,
filled with hoes and weed.

A young girl with ambition.
Not dreams no,
perfect visions.
These are my life missions.
Not just ordinary wishes.



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