My best friend A, she gained a little weight. She has always been slim and now she has a little more booty, a little more boobies and a little more tummy. It works for her body. She doesn’t look fat or anything. Her clothes are nicely fitted and she looks healthy as hell. But it’s bothers her. And it bothers me that it bothers her. She’s perfect to me and she shouldn’t be worrying about such things. What she definitely shouldn’t do, is body shame herself.

There’s something wrong with how we’re constantly focused on whatever is wrong with our bodies, instead of what’s right with our bodies. Us ladies, we don’t even notice it, but sometimes we trash ourselves like it’s nothing. We take a selfie, only to pay attention to everything that’s wrong with us.

‘’Ew, look at my chin!’’
‘’No, you can’t post that. My arm looks weird.’’
‘’Let’s try another one and I’ll suck my tummy in.’’

We don’t love ourselves enough. We don’t love ourselves enough to accept ourselves for whatever we are. Or however we look. We go on social media and compare ourselves to all the girls on Instagram, for no reason. There is absolutely no reason for you to compare yourself to someone else. She’s beautiful in her own way, like you are in your own way. We don’t have to look the same to look good. It’s a glitch in our minds. There is just always something we need to fix.

Something to fix, that of course society can help us with in every way. Because that’s the way society is set up. It imprints all these insecurities and fake shortcoming on us and then they provide a way to fix this. Living healthy has become an actual trend. A trend. Living healthy is something that should be normal. It shouldn’t be such a big deal for someone to eat organic food, because all our food should be organic. It’s insane. There are shops selling organic food for insane prices, while this is the food that we are supposed to eat. All of our shit is so processed that it has become a big deal to eat real food. On top of that, clothes for exercise have been become more important than exercising itself. Everybody wants to look cute in their runners and leggings, spending all this money on memberships at the gym while they never go to the gym. Myself included. I can never say that I don’t fall victim to the temptations of the system. However, I can say that I am aware of it. That’s where it all starts. Awareness.

We need to be aware of how we’re being brainwashed. We need to be aware of the fact that social media, trends, news and society itself, are only there to imprint insecurities on us. Insecurities that we will spend money on ”to fix”. It’s a sick mindgame, that they have been playing with us since we we’re children. A shift of paradigm is not something that is easily accomplished. However, as I said, let’s start with awareness.





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